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Attune Technologies: Obsessed With Innovation

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Anamika Sahu
When four brilliant minds -Arvind Kumar, Dr. Anand Gnanaraj, Ramakrishnan, and Mohanraj. P - came together to marry healthcare with IT, they ended up building an extravagance company - Attune Technologies. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Singapore, Attune Technologies is a visionary healthcare IT company that delivers 360 degree next generation healthcare IT products to the global market. The company has pioneered in developing a cloud based technology platform that integrates HIS (Hospital Information System), LIS (Laboratory Information System), and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) which can be deployed across core continuum starting from a single point clinic all the way to the national EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. While several providers are engaged just in implementing the software, what strategically makes Attune stand ahead of them is their niche focus on delivering business value and benefits to the customers. Their highly configurable products help customers reduce their total cost of ownership. Today, the company is a pioneer in cloud based LIS and is successfully delivering technology to over 70 clients in more than seven countries through their 1200 centers.

Innovation: Key to Success
Attune is persistently engaged in innovating new products and solutions for the entire healthcare value chain. "Our niche set of products not only integrates with every healthcare department extending from pharmacy to diagnostic labs, imaging units, physiotherapy, wards, to inpatients and outpatients, but also integrates branches and collection centers in different geographies which can be extended to the partner's organization," says Arvind Kumar, Founding Member & CEO, Attune Technologies. The brilliantly developed technology platforms can serve from a single center to national healthcare network. While Attune HealthKernel is a complete state of the art, secure and web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all its departments and branches even if they are geographically distributed; their LabKernel is an advanced and contemporary software that combines all its collection centers, branched and partner network into a single platform to facilitate easy functioning. A path breaking innovation for various clinics worldwide, Attune ClinicKernel integrates all the departments and branches irrespective of their geographical distance and distribution.

While healthcare exists since time immemorial, the data accumulated over these years are uncountable and is being carried as a baggage by the healthcare sectors. This imposes a huge burden on them to filter the useful among the useless and analyze the data to best use them in favor of their organization. Attune’s recently completed Healthcare Analytics platform is equipped with key performance indicators for hospitals, diagnostic labs and other customers. The platform helps to track the current status of operations with the pre-defined KPIs and serves as a dashboard too. The platform is live with some of their customers but their launch in the market is scheduled next month. "We are intending to position healthcare analytics platform as a separate product line and hospitals and labs that does not necessarily use our HIS & LIS who will still be able to use our analytics platform," adds Arvind. No wonder that Attune holds over three million patient records on cloud and is constantly engaged in innovating new solutions for the entire healthcare value chain.

The Survival Strategy
The journey for Attune was never a moon walk. Just like any other startup Attune too faced crunches like bringing best employees on the board, limited fund and struggling with their budget to pay next month salary. While Arvind struggled to raise angel investment in India, a group of HNIs from Singapore infused the Angel fund in the company but with a condition to move their head office from Chennai to Singapore. This equipped Attune to access markets adjoining Singapore much easier. "To a large extent that was vindicated as we have several hospitals in Indonesia, diagnostic labs in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore as our customers," explains Arvind. Today, the company boasts of clients like Metropolis, Serum, Medall Precision and many more eminent labs in their portfolio who span across Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Though it was a strategical move to Singapore, the product developed by Attune is owned and developed completely from India. Arvind traced that there were no product companies in India that serves clients globally thus deciding to centre the production here and be closely connected to Indian customers. This helped him to better understand the market and innovate. They understood the domain knowledge and pain points of hospitals and labs very closely in India and develop SaaS software customizable for each customer's unique requirement.

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