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Creativa India: Providing Research-based approach to Creative Advertising

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
With a mission to connect thousands of students with their teachers to honor them, Cambridge University Press India launched a campaign called 'Connecting Teachers with Cambridge University Press India'. The campaign connected over hundreds of students with their teachers over Facebook who thanked them for their selfless service towards the society. The campaign saw some of the most heartwarming reunions and one of them was of a teacher and a student's reunion after 27 years. Kudos to Himanshu Bhalla and his wonderful research based campaign management solutions company Creativa India. He established Creativa India in 2010 in Delhi with a mission to provide creative advertising with the best RoI along with enhanced brand engagement with target audiences.

In an era where traditional mediums of marketing still find themselves a way to the hearts of several brands, Creativa India is providing research based approach to creative advertising via modern media. This has made a substantial difference in the way brands looked at digital marketing, public relations, influencer engagement and RoI derived from advertising in general.

On the other hand, there has been a good amount of awakening with regards to content marketing. However, people still weigh quantity over quality content and more visibility over target visibility. Adding to this is them being confused between sales and engagements. Creativa India constantly monitors the changes that happen across platforms, work on best practices and improve content strategy. Before proceeding forward, the company defines two different content strategies aimed at sales and engagement that enables them to measure results with an object. This helps them improve the client's organic reach eventually.

Right since their inception, the company has a niche focus on spending more time per client to understand the core principals around which the clients do business. This facilitates Creativa to develop more concrete and actionable marketing ideas. "We believe that the content should be creative and as long as it is, it can be used across any platform by tweaking a bit. Every little detail and brand guidelines are taken into account before we create posts even for social media," says Himanshu Bhalla, Founder, Creativa India. This is how the company has been successfully doing marketing campaigns for clients like Random House India, HTC India, Rangriti, Addication Deodorants, W for Woman among several others.

While Creativa outshines in brand engagement through social media, the company is working towards sales oriented marketing strategy to actively help their clients conduct sales via digital media. But not to say, the company does not want to restrict themselves to modern media, and is looking at diversification and potential partnerships that can help them work with brands across traditional media as well. Going by the trend with which the video content is being consumed, it has become imperative for any forward-looking agency to create competency in this domain. Thus, for the next financial year, Creativa will focus on creating niche and rich media content in-house with videos at the core that will help them enlarge their business reach as well.

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