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Studio HIGH: A Pioneer in Digital Advertising

Poulomi Mukherjee
Friday, June 6, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
The idea of digital marketing seemed a little preposterous few years back and no one could envision that digital spaces will be used to influence customers. Such were the times when online marketing used to be limited to CPC/CPM model and primary advertisements were done using the traditional print and the broadcast media.

But gone are the days when internet marketing was considered as a cheap medium. As technology continues to transform all forms of marketing and social media, brands are continually trying to identify the ideal marketing mix that will translate to the best possible return on ad spend or marketing investment. Today, it is more about understanding the objective and delivering results. Studio HIGH broke the tradition by becoming early adopters of technology and paved the way for top brands in digital space. The exponential growth in the business stands proof to this claim.

Starting off as a digital agency in 2009 at Mumbai, they revolutionized the market and became a platform that builds an entire digital ecosystem for their clients to interact with their customers. "We envisaged on a long term digital game plan with our clients rather than hitting on short term goals, thus retaining and justifying true value of digital media investments," added Murli Ramkrishnan, Founder & CEO, Studio HIGH. Unlike other digital agencies, which inhibit themselves to a particular segment, Studio HIGH is a full service digital creative agency offering their expertise in many fields like interactivity & technology, online marketing and response based marketing. They also have service offerings like online reputation management, campaign monitoring and strong focus in analytics. Their expertise in every single field has helped them attain a wide range of clientele amongst the Fortune 500 companies and other top brands such as Audi, Porsche, Relaxo, Euro Kids, Ensaara Metropark, Lokmat, Anchor Group, Harley Davidson, Times of India, Essel World, Housefull Furniture, Hero Cycles and many more.

Studio HIGH has gained assimilation with projects like Google's street view program also called Google business views in India, which is one of their verticals. The company also owns Cult Studio, which is their production house that aids Ad Films, cinematic and candid wedding moments, product and model shoots.

Studio HIGH upholds a balance between the online and offline medium. Although with every other company starting up their digital marketing wing and clients demanding immediate customer attention without even any proper online and offline mapping, it's not quite easy for Studio HIGH to perpetuate their position. Studio HIGH is one of the few agencies enrolled with Facebook and has recently funded 'Socially', a niche social media agency. While in Studio HIGH, there's a R&D team in their 'Innovation LAB'that keeps pace with the technologies in the West.
Geeks of Studio HIGH in Innovation Lab, explore, innovate and experiment to simplify life of brands and consumers. This sets them way ahead of their competition.

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