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Everymedia Technologies: Creating Exceptional Moves for Defined Marketing

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
In today's dog-eat-dog world, one must think outside the box to succeed. One such thinker is Gautam B Thakker who founded Everymedia, a digital and mobile marketing company that triumphed legendary clients like HYUNDAI, EROS INTERNATIONAL, SIEMENS, Dharma Productions and at the same time spread their wings across all media platforms in a short journey of five years. Everymedia is equipped with a strong research division that captures and analyses big data using their in-house tool and predicts brand fits for each of their unique customer.

Gautam founded Everymedia 2010 in Mumbai with the idea of providing cheaper yet efficient technology and medium of advertising, where the impact of an advertisement can be measured immediately to know the RoI with an added benefit of micro targeting customers. The company is one of the pioneers in social media marketing and has stretched their strengths from each pole during the days when Orkut was still alive. Their sheer dedication and enthusiasm has rewarded them with clients across brands, media owners, advertisers and publishers to whom they offer wide range of services including end-to-end marketing campaigns, digital rights management, online community management, social media campaign design & development, mobile marketing, online PR and more. With innovative media planning, they also reach review sites and e-Commerce sites.

"Digital marketing is nascent in India but catching off quite more efficiently. It is not considered as an afterthought anymore but has become a primary compulsion," says Gautam Thakker, CEO, Everymedia. The flat hierarchy of Everymedia has brought alive this impossible dream, where the self-motivated workers keep the management on their toes. By placing the right technology in a handpicked team of young independent yet surprisingly disciplined innovators, Everymedia empowers them and together they are taking the business intelligence to next level each day. The company has won several accolades from the industry for their fruitful efforts and has stood as the winner of IDMA awards in 2013 for Best Campaign on social media for the movie Agneepath.

Currently, Everymedia endeavor to educate their customers to integrate their campaigns on various mediums. They are enhancing their tool to handle all regional languages of India, especially southern. Since mobile has become a must have device for every individual, the company is targeting to leverage the medium to the fullest to provide the best interaction between clients and their customers. "Given India's developing analytical strength combined with the phenomenal impact of smart phones and free social media, it is safe to say digital advertising will beat television sales in the next three years and we have already started leveraging this nascent medium," concludes Gautam.

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