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mFinite Marketing Solutions: Building not just Brands but Relationships

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
It is the era of digital marketing where experimentation and innovation are the success mantras. Companies are in lookout for innovative ways to market online which will help them reduce cost per lead, increase click-through-rates & conversion rates, and discover what is hot in digital marketing. This seems to be a brilliant step at a time when India is making a major shift towards mobile internet. Spicing the situation up is the emergence of 100 million Facebook users mark which has pushed companies from all verticals to leverage this space.

In 2014 digital marketing will witness online content moving beyond Facebook and Twitter and explore new social media sites like Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. mFinite Marketing Solutions, Bangalore based digital marketing agency, is constantly making a move to create futuristic digital solutions that's customer focused. The one and a half year full service internet and mobile domain specialist provide tailor-made, interactive solutions for their brand partners. The company has emerged as a comprehensive digital agency and is working towards strengthening their practice and position themselves as a leading player in affiliate email marketing, SMS marketing, social search and content marketing.

Being a startup does not mean following others footstep. Rather Braj Mohan Chaturvedi - Co-Founder & CEO, and his team at mFinite are patronage of openness to innovation and commitment towards clients. "We as a practice make attempt to understand our clients' objectives & needs, and collaborate to find tailor-made solutions that meet or exceed their expectation on time," says Braj.

However, mFinite had their own set of challenges to build a team comprising best talent. In this industry where on one side where freshers are exceptionally talented, they struggle to communicate the benefits of digital marketing to their clients. On the flip side, the one who understood these dynamics choose to be independent. But Braj never succumb to these challenges. He engages his team of young enthusiasts in regular training in key development technologies, software engineering practices and R&D on new technologies to meet the requirements of changing technology and improving team capabilities. This helped him eventually gain the certitude among clients.

Today, the company serves various industries including BFSI, retail, real estate, paints, e-Commerce and education. Each of these industries' requirements varies and hence the process of campaign management, expectations, framework and success measurement matrix changes. It becomes essential to take complete project ownership and sustain these changes and mFinite does this by tipping into the real-time innovation progress.

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