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MavenClickZ: The Knight to Content Piracy

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Several organizations worldwide has recognized India as one of the top countries in the world with illegal P2P activities where downloading content of any form from the web world is practiced as a religion - may it be movies, educational content, songs or others. This leads to a huge loss by production houses and organizations who own the content. Piracy being a serious concern; organizations providing content were in a lookout for a solution that can help them preserve their originality and increase RoI. This is where Bhaskar Anand positioned his company MavenClickZ that provides unique 360 degree digital advertising with no focus on offline medium and anti-piracy tools.

"We are not designers who provide path breaking designs to customers. We are the content idea and technology company that enable advertisers to reach their goals with zero piracy threat," says Bhaskar Anand, CEO & MD, MavenClickZ Media Private Limited. The full service company not only helps clients to track websites that steals clients content and help consumers download for free, but legally binds with them. For example, if a website is found downloading stuffs illegally, MavenClickZ files a John Doe Law with the help of their lawyers on behalf of their clients. "We have worked with several movies and going forward, we will launch it as a self-sustained service model only for online anti-piracy," adds Bhaskar.

Bhaskar saw companies in various verticals struggling to reach their break-even. The mobile internet made it more challenging as people now have the access to download stuffs from their device anywhere any time. This has brought organizations on their toes to connect each dot for maximum return. Tapping in this opportunity, MavenClickZ developed a one-stop solution for creating QR code for businesses to implement it and make it work through various methods which will not only get a good branding but revenue for clients as well. Customizable as per clients' requirement, the QR tool helps pull target audience and convert them into customers thus increasing the revenue.

The company has launched a whole suite of products/services including SEO, SEM, mobile advertising, content management, web designing and analytics among others. These offerings are still in beta and nearly completion. Accompanied with data analytics, these suites of offerings help get a holistic approach on client's spending and the outcome for them to decide whether to pursue the campaign or not. The expert team at MavenClickZ does individual level profiling while advertising and then target the end users. This helps them decrease their cost and increase revenue and pass on the benefit to the clients.

The e-Commerce is at a all time high in India where we have not explored even a substantial percentage of its benefits. MavenClickZ is planning to traverse this potential and substantially build businesses around this. Two years back, MavenClickZ launched diabmart.com, India's first sugar free online marketplace. Their website contactmequick.com is nichely focused on educating the market about QR code and how magically it caters to the targeted customers with increasing RoI. Contrary to this entrepreneurial visage, Bhaskar has the social side as well. His company is engaged in designing websites for various NGOs with an intent par ahead from business. Going forward, MavenClickZ will be working for more NGOs and will expand their offices from Bangalore, Chennai, Miami and London to Singapore.

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