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Majestic MRSS: A Forerunner in the Market Research Industry

Poulomi Mukherjee
Sunday, June 8, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
India has been growing as a market steadily and has continued to attract investment. However, Indian marketing budget is very different from the global market and with many companies seeking expansion in other countries, hence market research is paramount for both the pure grade Indian companies and the subsidiaries in India, to map out their target audience.

Majestic MRSS is the first Indian market research agency that has been providing insight with service offerings ranging from product design and innovation, catering and advertising research, concept evaluation to feasibility study. Their proficiency has earned them clients mainly from North America, Europe and Japan for research conducted in Asia & Middle East and many African countries, new markets where clients are interested in doing research.

Majestic MRSS is the first Indian agency to launch an online focus group and many other global technologies such as video streaming in partnership with Focus Vision, CATI (Computer-assisted Telephonic Interview) and eye tracking. They are also the first agency to introduce MROC (Market research online community) in association with Vision Critical, and are serving a vast number of clients. They were the pioneers in building market research facilities and one-way mirror facilities which contained large focused groups & client backrooms during the times when other agencies hadn't even woken up to such ideas. It is ideas like these which have helped Majestic to bag the MR Leadership award in 2013. Being a firm user and believer of technology, they promptly adapt to technology and impart solutions to their varied clients accordingly in their best interest. "We give a lot of value add to our clients by including technology in all the research processes that we have," says Raj Sharma, Co-Founder & President, Majestic MRSS.

Majestic MRSS is an independent boutique firm with nearly 220 people team across offices set over 18 countries in Asia and Middle East that caters their clients with the help of their partners in the concerned industry. Their expertise has earned them many clients amongst the Fortune 500 companies like Ranbaxy, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson among others in the pharmaceutical industry. Their strata of clients includes Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors, Maruti from automobile industry and Vodafone, Kelloggs, TMG, ConAgra, Unilever, Pepsi, Reckitt Benckiser among various others, are also key clients of Majestic MRSS. Their potential to extend services in multiple countries and cater to international clients has also aided Majestic MRSS to bag the Market Research Award for Technology Innovation at the World Brand Congress 2012.

Apart from keeping in tow with the technology, unveiling state-of-the-art concepts and partnering tie-ups with new technologies in digital media space, Majestic MRSS is looking forward to try their hands in the field of big data. The Indian research MNC is looking forward to expand inorganically by mergers and acquisitions which will help them scale up their business in several other countries to emerge as one of the leading companies from India and one amongst the top market research firms globally.

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Reader's comments(2)
1:Fraud company.
They never give payment to their vendors.
Posted by: Hariom Bhati - 03rd Nov 2014
2:Fraud company.
They never give payment to their vendors.
Posted by: Hariom Bhati - 03rd Nov 2014
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