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SunHill Systems: Unique Business Oriented Approach from Best Minds of Industry

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Few companies underestimate the impact of digital media and use it as an extra ornament; whereas few overestimate digital media and cling to it for life with unrealistic expectations. The tragedy is fierce as some of the services providers themselves are not sure about the clients' expectations and delivery model. It takes a true expert to study such a nascent medium to its core and deliver surpassing results. SunHill Systems, a digital marketing company founded in 2012, is a brain child of one such expert Vipul Bansal who holds four international patents granted by the U.S. in the field of e-Commerce and internet.

This IIM gold medalist with extensive experience strategizes a unique business oriented approach to position his company SunHill as a digital CMO or CTO for his clients. This not only helps SunHill to equip a better RoI but also leads to a healthier relationship where SunHill and its customers can educate each other. "Sometimes, clients come up with such problems that are hard to crack and finding the solutions in itself is an innovation," says Vipul Bansal, Founder & CEO, SunHill Systems.

While working at Adobe as product management director, Vipul perceived the growing influence of digital marketing and mobile media. His past experience and passion for travel led them to climb up the ladder and provide digital marketing to customers in the hospitality sector. With the triumphant fruition of it, they hit various verticals and services in full swing. In addition to their inimitable end-to-end digital marketing, they also offer, social media marketing, PPC services, mobile marketing, SEO services, display ads & website re-design/optimization among others.

Whilst social & mobile media are set to be their growth engines, hospitality and education remain as their niche verticals. They have prevailed over fifty clients throughout all verticals pan India and overseas within such a short journey. Some of them are Hero Electric, Sunstone Business School and Blue Terra Spa among others. Their faith on quality has not only helped them to win over clients but also to double every four to six months in the last year. Since they believe a firm's quality is based on the expertise of their employees, the team actively participates and keeps abreast with new happenings and they discuss them.

Currently, they are working on building a portfolio of cloud based products that go hand-in-hand with their digital marketing solutions. The first such product is being deployed in early stage for selected customers. SunHill envisions a future where they become one of the leading players in the digital & the social media marketing. They are keen on building their own brand to be able to attract more talent; thereby brighten the customers� businesses with higher quality optimization and creativity.

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