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From Madison Ave to Wall Street

Neal Modi
VP Revenue & Operations-Kargo
Friday, June 6, 2014
Neal Modi
The 4 key tenants needed to progress to make the media marketplaces of tomorrow the financial exchanges of today

Kargo is a provider of mobile brand advertising platform offering brand measurement to advertisers surpassing the traditional mobile experience and improves engagement and interaction for users. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in NewYork, NY, the firm has raised a total funding of $3 million.

The way content is consumed has more drastically evolved in the past ten years than over the previous 100. As such, the advertising technology marketplace has taken note and adjusted to accommodate this phenomenon -- there has been exponential growth in new ventures, product offerings and the ability to implement technology into traditional advertising in ways we have never experienced before. Mobile is another entity on its own -- an additional extension within the digital space.

With this extreme growth comes wide confusion in the media marketplace around ad tech firms and their offerings. The LUMAscape1 does a great job of pointing to the nuances of the ad tech industry and to the sheer number of players in existence, further highlighting the fact that the space is both fragmented and oversaturated. Because of this extreme growth and specialization, there's more opportunity than ever for M&A activity to occur based on a company's leadership (Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook are active acqui-hirers), their product (SaaS), or niche (mobile-first, data-centric, rich media, etc).

Due to the nature of the different services, products, and exchange environments available, ad tech is often compared to the financial markets - but we are still far off as it relates to standardization and overall legitimacy. From where we stand today, how do the media and digital advertising marketplaces - a nearly $300 billion industry � need to evolve to become the next NYSE? Here are the four core tenants that need to advance to get there.

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