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CogMat: Designing Digital Campaigns that Matters You

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Imagine a group of ex-stock brokers, a French teacher, National and International-level athletes, a political activist, and gadgets freaks & geeks designing and handling your digital marketing campaign - getting you 675 tweets and generating 652,679 impressions on Twitter over a period of 9 hours and 15 minutes, while reaching 7391 users on Facebook without a single penny spent on advertisements.

Unimaginable! But this was the case when Vijay Sales wanted to celebrate their 100,000 Facebook likes and CogMat's geeks envisaged and implemented this splendid campaign.
Mumbai-based CogMat, a division of CMSS Pvt. Ltd., is a pure-play digital marketing agency that excels in identifying niches and pitfalls for clients and accordingly designing campaigns to enhance clients' strengths or undermine their weaknesses. The company doesn't believe in providing over-the-counter campaigns, but consciously makes efforts to focus on creative brand strategies, customer sentiment analysis and management in the digital media space. "We believe that if you get the strategy tuned to the goals, tactics may and should be changed as per market realities," explains Mitchelle Carvalho, Co-Founder & Director, CogMat.

Each digital marketing strategy is designed only after an intense discussion with the client to understand business goals and objectives. While several agencies try to sell their platforms, services and technologies, CogMat invests considerable time to gather clients' expectation of digital media and educate them before getting on board and customizing solutions accordingly.

The company has been successfully serving over 37 clients in various industries for social media marketing, campaign creation and management, digital video commercials, SEO, online media spends, website design & development, application design & development, among others. The service offerings are usually similar across the industry. If the services provided by CogMat are similar to those of its competition, then what sets them apart? It is their approach to a client's needs and the care taken to understand what they require. This, as they say, is no cake walk. The challenge lies in educating the client and meeting their expectations by harnessing the full potential of digital media. Also, many a time, clients intend direct results in terms of sales and leads from the word go through digital marketing, however, CogMat helps dispel this myth and by making clients understand the primary goal of 'Digital Marketing is brand building'.

With the exceptional skill sets of its young workforce, the company is currently betting big on rich media such as interactive videos developed exclusively for the web, and mobile. Going forward, CogMat intends to provide end-to-end digital solutions through its strength in technology, creative ideas and customer sentiment analysis. With current operational locations in Mumbai and Hong Kong, the company is working towards expanding operations to NCR and Bangalore and doubling the team size by the end of next year.

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