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TechAhead: Unleashing the True Potential of Mobile Apps

SI Team
Thursday, October 31, 2013
SI Team
Vikas Kaushik, CEO of TechAhead, a provider of Mobile application Development, is proud of his team, having clocked $2 million sales in the last financial year. Rewinding back to 2009, when Vikas, along with Manoj and Jitin had begun their startup journey in December 2009 by building mobile application for their first US client, the friends did not imagine that in a span of four years they would be heading a $2Million company in net sales and would build Mobile Apps. With an initial bootstrap of 2.0 lakhs, the founders delved into mobile app development by chance, but success would not have been possible without the triumvirate's combined expertise of 32 years and a high dosage of talent and preparation.
Many companies on the lookout for mobile app development do look forward to a quick turnaround of the final functional application, in addition to cost effectiveness, guarantee of excellence and efficient project management. These four are the core building blocks of a good Mobile app development company. Apart from realizing the true idea of what a customer requires, it is also imperative for a development organization to go a step further and maximize core businesses through improving processes.
Having served over 200 clients who span across the geographies of 100 plus countries, Noida Headquartered TechAhead has been incorporating the four values of flexibility, cost effectiveness, excellence and efficiency into their everyday routines of mobile app development. The mobile company today is focused on developing mobile applications for iOS, Windows, Android and has clocked over 656,600+ of man hours in developing mobile applications. The company inherits an organized eye to eye methodology in par with their customers.

The Team leads the Way
Currently counting over 558 successful technically advanced application deliveries, the company credits the same to the expertise of its management led by Vikas. The team constantly strives to incorporate innovative ideas in bettering the day to day processes of the many teams within TechAhead, ranging from HR to the Mobile developers themselves.
"Being in the service industry, we understand that customer satisfaction is the best marketing tool. Most of our projects come through word of mouth and references. Besides nurturing contacts that we made during our prior experience in the industry, we focus on building client relationships" explains Kaushik.

Exploiting the App world through TAPPS
TechAhead takes pride in its implementation of TAPPS, which is a unique flagship methodology developed by the TechAhead team. TAPPS, in short for "Technologically Superior Apps" incorporates smooth operating functionalities, quick response features and other eye pleasing attributes innovatively driven for iPhone and Android apps development, along with OS apps development for Mac and Windows. TechAhead known for developing complex applications often completes the most critical part of the project before starting the actual development thus making sure that not a single penny of client's money is wasted in useless development, thus earning client's trust manifold. Whenever in doubt, TechAhead goes through the process of POC (Proof Of Concept) and make sure whether the product can be delivered to its design attributes. This methodology adaptable through Phase zero operations is one of TechAhead’s driven initiatives which helps both the client and the provider to visualize the actual stage product. Over the course of four years, TechAhead has mastered app development in all of the available platforms that range from iPhone to Android and Windows.

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