Shephertz: The Enterprise Cloud taking Center Stage

SI Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
SI Team
The next wave of the current cloud computing foundation that has been evolving over the past two decades will be less around the technology itself but rather the value it enables and its accessibility. The latest innovations in cloud computing are making business applications even more mobile and collaborative. Shephertz Technologies, a provider of cloud based platform and solutions for app developers, has built products and services for the global market leveraging the cloud by making app developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform.
The company has designed its platform App42, a cloud and data management platform for app developers such that developers are not required to do any server side coding. Shephertz undertakes the tasks of scalability, latency and server side management with a vision to be a technology agnostic ecosystem provider offering a wide spectrum of products and tools for app developers.
App42 Cloud Platform is a unique One-Stop-Solution for application development teams, on the cloud that forms a base for other products. App42 not only provides support to professional app developers, but also assists beginners in developing engaging and connected apps. The company has many other products for the Non-technical developers, AppClay, a simple to use app development tool. AppWarp, a realtime multiplayer gaming machine is designed to help developers easily build virtual world applications by offloading the heavy lifting of developing and deploying the backend. AppHawk is a complete management system for the planning and development of a project. AppHQ offers the management console for App42 Cloud API and AppWarp.
An ecosystem approach adopted by Shephertz offers app developers with all cloud needs to develop Mobile, Web, Social, SaaS, TV and Gaming apps. With its innovative platforms, for the entire app development community, the cloud based solutions company is one to look out for in this domain.

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