CloudMunch: Introducing New Techniques to Deliver Better Cloud Services

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
With the need for continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure the benefit of the doubt it could be made easy. This is in giving developers the benefits of full Stack DevOps Platform at a fraction of the Price. Pradeep Prabhu, the CEO of CloudMunch, a provider of cloud platform software have made prominence in this vertical with their view of delivering cloud is from the designer perspective that helps them to bring a powerful, extensible, full stack platform of applications and infrastructure. The team introduced a concept that democratizes DevOps that is Development and Operation.
CloudMunch is focused on making the developer's life better across the entire application development and deployment lifecycle. As the name indicates, the developers only need to munch on the services provided, while focusing just on the code.
The features introduced to the cloud by CloudMunch and the number of SaaS applications is numerous and operates in a dynamic environment to provide the flexibility to control configuration, monitor application health and to switch cloud providers easily.
Cloudmunch is keen in looking into the problem and offering solutions according to it. To ensure quality additional infrastructure is provided in CloudMunch's Cloud Testing solution and is able to deliver across environments. This is one such example of the company's solutions that are designed with a unique point of view to help designers decrease the designing time. This ensures their tag line, "focus on cloud. Cloudmunch the rest".

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