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NebuLogic: Delivering Next Generation of CRM and CX Cloud Services and Solutions

Vignesh Anantharaj
Thursday, October 31, 2013
Vignesh Anantharaj
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has evolved from just delivering sales and service automation solutions to providing a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX). The new CX echo system aims to create a strong sense of personal bonding between the enterprise and its clients.
The development of this type of positive ligature has been driving many businesses to new levels of success for organizations that have understood its true potential. In addition to creating standard transactional reports, the new CX solutions are expected to guide the service professionals to deliver quality, consistency, and drive profitability.
Moreover, the new CX solutions ease the complex processes and empower the stakeholders to readily find the information they require to get the job done. Settling for anything less, denies the possibilities that the new CX class of solution can deliver.
NebuLogic Technologies, headquartered in Plano, Texas with its several global delivery centers has been focusing on delivering the highest quality of IT solutions since its inception in 1995. NebuLogic is able to perfectly align the project's goals with the client’s objectives through its refined formal processes, value add solutions, continuous technology upgrades, and progressive and proactive implementation methodologies.
Chairman & CEO Mr. Nivas Nallanthi, a veteran in the IT industry, has ensured that the company steeped onto the stage by leveraging the phenomenon of cloud into their CRM/CX portfolio through NCADF® (NebuLogic Cloud Application Development Framework). NCADF ® has given NebuLogic an undeniable advantage to deliver any CRM or SaaS solutions in a fast, efficient and economical manner. For over two decades, NebuLogic has been specializing in System Implementation, Integration and in delivering comprehensive service and sales automation solutions. The organization today provides a host of solutions and services in multiple business verticals that span from healthcare, life sciences, banking and financial services to automotive, airlines and telecommunications to name a few.
Customer centric approach coupled with the relentless pursuit to deliver the highest quality of solutions has made NebuLogic an undisputed partner of choice for many fortune 500 companies worldwide. "It is an honor and a very humbling experience to note that our solutions are being used by thousands of service and sales professionals who are providing round-the-clock services to 30+ million citizens," explains Nallanthi on just one of the many implementations in the CRM space.

The Unique 7 Step Methodology behind NebuLogic's success
The successes of NebuLogic can be directly linked to their unique 7 step implementation methodology. The process commences with an initial discovery phase wherein the NebuLogic team examines the existing business processes to gain a high level of understanding of the client's requirements. The next step of master requirements gathering workshop consists of detailed requirements gathering sessions, developing prototypes, and product demos which are conducted to align the client’s requirements with that of the proposed solution. During the subsequent general design documentation phase, a detailed master design document is developed with all business scenarios, technical requirements, work flows and other integrations requirements. The core configuration of the proposed solution is then established by developing a pilot solution followed by configuring all applicable applications and external integration components. The next step "is an in-depth multi cycle testing phase which is performed to ensure the highest quality of the solution while meeting all performance markers," explains Keyhan. The user training phase involves developing and delivering customized training sessions based on the needs of the target audience. "NebuLogic engages clients proactively in all phases while the entire process is verified using a rigorous checklist of pre and post production activities to ensure a successful production deployment," adds Keyhan.

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