A2Zapps.com: Redefining Virtual Work Desktops on the Cloud

SI Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
SI Team
Not every solution needs the same set of applications; there is a need for a deployment of multiple solution stack that allow customization on the cloud and lets mix and match of ready-made apps available in apps store as seen fit and also allow users to build need based custom app in few hours or days. This could range from building collaborative workplace environment to an all in one windows-like desktop all at an affordable cost. A2zapps.com, headquartered in New Delhi is an enterprise cloud computing company that focuses on the way companies use business software and also innovating smarter ways of communication and collaboration among employees.

What is Being Served
Features to what A2Zapps.com provide is an Online Work Desktop, which is a click, pick and use desktop where users do not have to bother about any software installation. The Desktop comes with many pre-added applications such as file management app, activity manager, chitchat - a private social network- and other array of applications with the option of users to add more apps at any point in time. A2Zapps.com's 'Work Cloud' platform helps to create the best cloud stack of work applications to automate and support the entire organization or an entire department.
Service organizations, retailers, hospitals, clinics, manufacturing firms, educational institutions, HR department, sales department, students, freelancers, travel agents, and other verticals can make use of this on-demand'Work Desktop' to achieve benefits.

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