How to Mitigate Volumetric DDoS Attacks Leveraging the Application Delivery Controller

Tatsuya Yoshizawa
Product Marketing Manager, Japan, South Asia and ANZ-A10 Networks
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Tatsuya Yoshizawa
A10 networks, Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a back office in Gurgaon India, makes application delivery and server load products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications.

Mounting threats and damages by DDoS attacks
The recent increase of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks has made organizations aware of the need for an effective edge defense system. Documented attacks and motivations for attacks have revealed that the organizations at risk have spread from "obvious" targets, such as government agencies, gaming companies, media, and the largest organizations, to mid-size financial institutions and charitable foundations. In essence, every internet-based service is at risk.
Financial and reputation loss can be substantial for organizations after suffering a DDoS attack. Some recent examples include PayPal reporting in court filings that a DDoS attack cost them $5.5 million
In addition to an immediate revenue loss, website and service outages result in reputation damage. Let us consider how to effectively outrun and mitigate DDoS attacks to ensure datacenter security.

Issues of current security solutions
With cyber attacks continuing to increase in persistence and complexity, organizations' need for robust security solutions is growing. While high volume DDoS attacks are and will remain common, it is still costly to purchase, deploy, and operate dedicated security products such as firewalls and IPSs (Intrusion Prevention System) that enable a high throughput of over 10Gbps and high bandwidth capacity.

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