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EffiaSoft: Sophisticated yet Simple Solutions, Leveraging The Cloud

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
When and where was your company launched?
Effiasoft was founded in November 2012 at Hyderabad by a group of motivated professionals from Oracle and very soon made a name for itself as a Microsoft BizSpark Startup.

What inspired you to conceptualize the company?
The service oriented technology on Cloud nowadays has diversified the way consumers are being served. Be it industrial or commercial, there's a huge task of data collection on a daily basis and also at a faster rate; this may help as a reference for the future market to cut down on obsolete techniques or improve the existing ones.

What was the original vision?
The main vision of Effiasoft really was to reach out to the small and medium scale sectors in providing them the facilities that the high-end organizations reap through our customized ERP application solution, its affordability suiting their demands. Implementing an enterprise grade ERP on public cloud with some of the basic workflow process to organize a systematic approach was in great need.

Describe about your product/services?

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