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idea Device Technologies raises Rs.24.7 Crores in Series A Funding

SI Team
Thursday, October 31, 2013
SI Team

Bangalore based idea Device Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has raised Rs.24.7 Crores in its Series A funding from a venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. The funding will be used to develop its product suite, talent acquisition and expanding its market to the U.S. and Singapore markets (through partnerships and associations).
The company founded in 2008 by Saju Pillai, CEO and Aaditya Sood, CTO, is a data centre automation platform company developing products to the enterprise IT automation sectors. They provide solution to IT enterprises to reduce operational errors and manual processes in their data centers, resulting in robust systems, decreased downtime and improved IT compliance. "We aim to make Enterprise and Data Center IT completely 'hands-free'. We believe that 'computers should manage computers'. Our flagship product Epsilon can model complex IT processes across all types of data centre technologies, allowing it to be a 'single pane of glass' solution for all the automation needs of the data centre," says Pillai.
The solutions provided by them using open source software Epsilon are exceptional. Some of the features of the product are Agentless – no agents on servers, Clientless – runs in a browser, built-in advanced scheduler to name a few and also it supports majority of the platforms such as UNIX, Linux, Windows 2003, 2008, oracle- RDBMS, iAS, J2EE, Apps, mainframes – NonStop, VOS, zSeries and storage – IBM, HP, Fujitsu, NetApp.
Initially Idea Device was incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and today has offices in Mumbai and Singapore. Some of their partners are Microsoft, VMware, Avaya and IIM-B. Products and solutions enable enterprises and data centers such as banks, exchanges, pharma, manufacturing and IT companies to manage IT while reducing IT spends. The customers are guaranteed with IT reliability, decreased turnaround time, process compliance and significant improvement in process security.

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