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BlobCity:Revolutionizing Software Development Using the Cloud

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
1. When and where was your company launched? How did your company originate?
BlobCity did a soft launch on May, 2012, with a full release exactly a year later. It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was our search for a database that we ended up designing and conceptualizing our own Database system.

2. What inspired you to conceptualize the company?
There were many development tools and databases in the market, but none of them, with an exception to flat file database systems, were able to give the performance and scalability we envisioned. We came up with this fantastic product with unique features like no-query and exceptional high speed that made to conceptualize the company.

3. What was the original vision?
It was bringing all social networks under a single umbrella. We needed a free database that could take on the load requirements of the application. The best approach seemed to be to write one that gave exceptional performance and could be used easily and efficiently inside our development environment.

4. Describe your product/services?

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