Era of Mobile Apps: Yet to Reach its Peak

Girish Bhimmapa
Director - Strategic Partnerships-Remo Software
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Girish Bhimmapa
Bangalore based Remo Software is a provider of system utility software which specializes in developing data recovery, file repair and secure data erasing tools.

Remember the days when the snake game for mobile was introduced by Nokia in its earliest handsets with a commercial of Bill Clinton playing this game on a holiday?
Yes! That was one of the earliest mobile apps for purely entertainment purposes - The real beginning of the "ERA of mobile Apps".
First-generation mobile phones were designed and developed by the handset manufacturers. Competition was fierce and trade secrets were closely guarded. They did not want to expose the secrets of their handsets, so they developed the phone software in-house. Developers that were not part of this inner circle had no opportunity to write applications for the phones. The applications developed in this period were directly related to mobile communication such as contacts, calendar and messaging services.
During this period Nokia first introduced "time-wasting" games like snake game and tic-tac-toe to name a few. These apps changed the way people thought of mobile phones with support of dropping prices, improvised HW, battery and more coverage area made these phone no more novelty.
With introduction of mobile internet the modern era of app development started and very soon WAP based browser applications became popular. But the WAP era did not sustained for a long time because of numerous problems like content issues and payment mechanisms to name a few.
This made way for proprietary platforms (Palm OS, Blackberry OS and Brew.) which gave birth to a new breed of developers. With Apple, Windows and Google joining the race, the app development propelled to a new level.
New improved Android OS and Windows 8 mobile platforms have made APP markets more competitive and making IOS to lose its dominance.

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