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Deepbiz: Driving Success through Agility

SI Team
Thursday, October 31, 2013
SI Team
When and where was your company launched? How did your company originate? What inspired you to conceptualize the company?
Deepbiz started in 2011 in Bangalore with a mission to provide value added services. With the green power only powering the languishing hands, most of the economy is disvalued. The growing social issues like the all prevailing poverty especially in our country and the atrocities among human beings inspired me to contribute more to the society through Deepbiz. More involvement of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a group would realize the change considering the corporate philanthropy it adds.

What was the original vision?
The vision is to outclass the ongoing trend of value added services and take it to the next level, which is only possible through effective communication about our corporate strategy upholding business ethics and with the help of regulation tool like CSR, it will not be a complex feeling among our employees, our investors or even our customers.

Describe about your product/services?
The integrative flexibility of telematics services inspired us to provide telemetric product and solution which is now used globally. Be it in the field of sensors, tracking consoles and many control systems, we shoulder our main responsibility by providing high quality economic solutions. Our navigation console like the GPS device varies to 6 different flavors itself, our tracking platform solution through GPS does not hold limits to expand to the needs of today's customer. Be it vehicle tracking, asset tracking and to name a few. Our well equipped research team are keen on incorporating latest devised inventions like the RFID(Radio frequency identification) which helps in non-contact identification of tagged products instantly and many more adaptations from the camera to the biometric devices have added weight to our research infrastructure. Our application testing lab is a testimony of all the latest OS and application systems.

Is your company funded?

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