IntelliGrape: Digital marketing, Content and Cloud Technology Services under one Umbrella

SI Team
Friday, November 8, 2013
SI Team
Mission critical applications have a vital role in enterprises. Delivering such software is a liability to an IT service provider. One such company which delivers mission critical applications is IntelliGrape. A cloud based company located at Noida, provides mission critical web and mobile applications with consulting and implementation of solutions for cloud based infrastructure. Being an agile off-shore development company renowned for quality custom web application development on open source frameworks like Grails. IntelliGrape is a part of the 'TO THE NEW' group, one of Asia's leading digital services groups. With offices in Singapore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, London, Kuala Lampur, Manila, Guangzhou and Burbank, the company provides digital marketing, content and technology services under one umbrella.
Using open source software such as Groovy and Grails, Node.js, Adobe CQ and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the team of IntelliGrape unleashes the services through cloud hosting. "We possess a very rare skill-set i.e. we understand both application development as well as infrastructure management and provide custom applications to our clients" says Deepak Mittal, CEO, Intelligrape.
The company is dedicated to cloud technology and the employees actively participate in spreading awareness on cloud technology. AWS is the major focus and the company has deployed more than 50 applications on cloud for clients based in India, US and Europe. Not only the team ventures into the cloud services but also develops custom web applications mobile applications using PhoneGap and other mobile technologies.

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