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Start-ups: Avenues of Exponential Learning & Accelerated Career Growth

Paritosh Shukla, Global HR Head - VOD, Vuclip
Friday, June 3, 2016
Paritosh Shukla, Global HR Head - VOD, Vuclip
Headquartered in California, Vuclip is the global leader in VOD services. With over three million subscribers across six countries, the company also has partnered with 160 top class studios worldwide to offer seamless video streaming service to its users

One often associates Mondays with waking up groggy after hitting the snooze button of the alarm clock multiple times to steal a few extra minutes of sleep and enjoy the comfort of bed. The very term 'Monday morning blues' was coined to signify the switch back into 'work mode'.

We in the HR domain attribute a lot of importance to 'perception'. Much like the oft cited example of glass half empty or half full, it really depends on how one perceives the week ahead - whether we see it as five days of having to run against the clock and complete arduous tasks or five days of proving our mettle by surmounting challenges, meeting work related goals and creating value. While the former perpetuates the blues, the latter not only provides an adrenalin rush, but also instills a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Today millennials give far more importance to their learning, exposure, levels of responsibility they have and company culture than previous generations. It's an imperative for HR practitioners across business organizations the world over to build millennial friendly organizations.

The Changing Face of India's Workforce

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