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REAN Cloud: Workforce Quality & Excellence Exemplified

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Building a startup from an abstract innovation is a norm today; most remain as 'start-ups' for years or worst yet end-up disappearing. But some of them carve themselves into sculptures of art with smart & quality foundation with emphasis on quality and excellence, just like REAN Cloud, who has grown up delivering top quality cloud services with a workforce of over 130 people, in less than three years of operation. REAN Cloud, the provider of secure & managed applications in the cloud,is privileged to be one of the 45 Amazon Web Service (AWS)Premier Partners from over 22,000 AWS worldwide partners. A special award underlines this REAN Cloud expertise, being the 'Best Amazon Partner' at the TechTarget Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2016. This Indian cloud start-up not only attracted locals, but also a number of foreign employees with its dynamic tech-caliber, driven by a unique executive team from Fortune 500 companies and AWS, 'innovative hub', REAN defines it.

Excellence is Created, Not Purchased

Sai Nadendla resembled every fresher when he joined REAN Cloud, nervous about the journey ahead of him. Lend your ears to him: "The best thing about being with REAN is the opportunity that we get to work and learn from senior members of the team who are industry veterans and experts in their fields, and are driving the REAN growth story". Sai is now a performing REAN Cloud Engineering professional. Like how the company found Sai, REAN Cloud is always searching for enthusiastic and talented young minds to drive it's growth engine and global presence. REAN provides employees not only with top notch technical mentorship and professional business acumen, but also the attractive health & leave policies. "We strive to create the work-life balance to keep our employees happy and focused on driving successful projects," says Rupa Vasireddy, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Head of HR, REAN Cloud.

Even giant organizations make their employees wait for years to get a valid certification, REAN is spot-on with a policy which doesn't match this convention and makes it a goal to have certifications within 90 days from the date you join! "We have developed 'SMART', an internal training program on leadership principles, which includes the principles to define what REAN Cloud values in our team and also ask for feedback through company surveys and make way for the good suggestions into company programs," Rupa extends. Today, 65 percent of the company workforce has either AWS, CISF or ITIL certification to decorate their profile. That is what REAN's SMART is all about. It ensures that you grow while at the company as a qualified & matured techie.

Smartness Brings Success

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