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Services Coupled With Solutions Will Be The Differentiator

K Bhaskar, VP - Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Division, Canon India
Friday, June 3, 2016
K Bhaskar, VP - Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Division, Canon India
Incorporated in Gurgaon in 1997, Canon India is a leading technology innovator in the digital imaging space worldwide. Having the current market cap of $32.67 billion, Canon India has offices spread across 14 cities in India with over 1000 employees. Ranked third patent-wise globally, the company invests 10 percent of its profit in R&D.

Gone are the days when people were twiddling their thumbs to get their malfunctioning products rectified. Today, with a proactive solution-led approach, the product is built with high amount of reliability, its condition is constantly monitored and its parts get replaced based on the equipment's meter reading. These factors determine whether someone pays premium or not. In large organizations, there is a constant endeavor to bring down the overall printing cost. Hence, moving towards consolidation of the printers to bring more efficiency has become the new norm driving us forward. This has not just led the organizations to purchase high-end machines that encompass such features, but also paved the way for the development of managed print services. This is a blessing in disguise for the Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) industry that has been facing a lot of turbulence in the past couple of years. Though the industry is going by 2 percent, we have been able to manage a double digit growth by harnessing these solutions approach.

Since Managed Print Services allow enterprises to monitor who is printing what kind of information, 20 percent of unwanted prints are getting reduced. Meanwhile, Document Management Solutions enable organizations to increase efficiency, streamline business processes and attain great visibility. For instance, instead of printing ten sets of documents for various departments, with document management solution, you can scan the document once, upload it in a searchable PDF format according to terms and conditions and use it for all approvals by placing it in the workflows. Since all the information is stored within the printer that has high hard drive capacity, with a few clicks you can find out who has approved what. This requires stringent security measures, which would open the gate for more services coupled with solutions.

Upcoming Innovations

Product alone is not a dominant factor anymore. Nonetheless, technological growth has never been so breathtaking before in that front with concepts like BYOD, Wi-Fi printing and mobility, which allows mobiles to talk to the printers comfortably. More and more technologies are being innovated to conserve electricity. All tube lights in printers are changing to LEDs for saving energy. Canon's innovation - Rapid Fusing Technology replaced the heating rod in printers with a thin film which gets heated immediately. While the customer finds it beneficial in terms of high uptime and reduced carbon foot prints, companies like us don't need to have too many engineers to keep servicing these predictable equipments.

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