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Rubique: Empowering Employees to Walk Beyond Conventional Way

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Stability and progress of any nation depends on its economic growth. Well-set financial institutions encourage economic growth to large extents and to acquire financial assistance what could be the more convenient way than to rely on loans. However, in the process, numerous hindrances make the financial process complex in our nation. Outright rejection of loan application for deserving individuals or organizations is one of the biggest hassles we face today, due to varied risk appetite of financial institutions & customer is unaware of the right choice of financial institution. This has made the entire process inefficient, uncertain as well as time consuming for customers as well as financial institutions. Eradicating these inefficiencies, Rubique is presenting a tech-led lending solutions for individuals as well as SMEs. As we are living in a paperless world where loan space has also been digitalized, this financial e-Commerce company stands out with its key proposition of a unique online and assisted online model aiming at customer convenience. Adding value to the financial services, this entity is completely focused on end-to-end disbursement. It has created a platform where every borrower can meet a potential lender.

When Rubique started its operations in October 2014 in Mumbai, it wasn't easy for Manavjeet Singh (Founder & CEO) to attract people with such an intrinsic concept, except a couple of his workmates who pinned their faith in this vision. However, the company turned a lot of heads and got approached by many people, when it earned funding from Kalaari Capital. There was no looking back for the company after that.

Employee Friendly Company

Providing top-notch end-to-end solutions around lead generation and loan fulfillment in the appealing financial arena, Rubique's recruiting practices lies in the goodwill and mere word of mouth. The team consists of fresher from IITs as well as experienced functional heads. By blending the fresher and experienced personnel, the company ensures a balancing work culture where fresher bring energy and experienced bring forth years of learning.

Manav says, "At Rubique, we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset where one works on a blank canvas & go beyond his/her limitations to make it a success. And to flourish this, we have kept a flat structure (no hierarchy) & culture of open feedback. It has helped us strengthen synergies & bonding between the team members & there is a collaborative effort towards company's vision. The mechanism of quarterly feedback has helped us to align the team efforts & also reward them periodically for it. In agile & constant evolution phase of startup, such practice helps us to give much needed boost to keep team motivated".

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