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How to Motivate Employees in Startups

Shriti Chhajed, Founder, BookEventZ
Friday, June 3, 2016
Shriti Chhajed, Founder, BookEventZ
Headquartered in Mumbai, BookEventZ is India's first party and banquet venue booking platform that has over 1000 venues ranging from restaurants, lounges and resorts, to hotels, party plots and caterers listed on its portal

With an increase in the number of startups recently, many professionals are curious about working in one. We have been hearing many stories of people quitting their white collar jobs at corporate organizations to come and work in a startup, as it serves as a platform to showcase their skills and provide an opportunity to work with likeminded people sharing similar goals.

As there is definitely a lot of work and responsibility shouldered on the employees in a startup, the founders have to ensure they retain their employees for long. Here comes the need to constantly motivate the employees to enable them to deliver their best under such circumstances. I have come up with a few suggestions which can be easily implemented in a startup for motivating the employees.

1. Make the best of the space around you:

Having a good work environment with dedicated desks for every employee may not be possible for a startup. Successful startups are the ones that are made of a good team of people, who can enjoy work irrespective of the location of the job. It's the team and their common goal that matters in a startup and not the room to motivate the team to perform.

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