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Things to Know Before Joining a Startup

Hitesh Gossain, Founder, Onspon.com
Friday, June 3, 2016
Hitesh Gossain, Founder, Onspon.com
Headquartered in Mumbai, Onspon.com is one of India's largest event sponsorship platforms that enable the companies to easily associate with events that are relevant to their business and enhance their BTL activities.

After working as a startup founder for Onspon.com and interacting with innumerable stakeholders, investors, prospective employees, prospective co-founders, clients, vendors et al, I think there is a unique opportunity this 'startup ecosystem' provides to all. I will focus this note on employment creation and fitment engagement opportunities with startups.

Startups - Perception & Reality

In 2012-2014, there were crazy news about the new age unicorns of India hiring just about anyone with a 2X - 5X on their salary. It felt like the 2000s again. Remember 'Trespassers will be recruited?'. Unbelievable, but true. Quite a few of them were my friends and juniors from college. The wave saw everything; Reverse brain drain, fancy equity options, riding the startup gravy train. All leading newspapers of the country were filled with reports of people from Googles and Facebooks of the world coming back to join them. But then, 2016 happened...

In a country that produces more than eight lakh engineers every year (and comparable other graduates too), job creation is one huge segment that startups have addressed. But in this rat race for attracting best talent to run the fastest, which startups have actually made the mark?

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