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Capital Float: Endowing Employees with the Opportunity to Disrupt the Status Quo

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Though it seems like investors are distributing billions of dollars without restraint, the reality of investments in start-ups often goes unexplained. Start-ups are inherently risky businesses. Globally, only ten percent of the start-ups with a robust team and an innovative idea seem well placed to create history.

Capital Float, an online lending platform in India, has stormed into that niche with a workforce of over 260 people and a presence in over 40 cities in the country. Less than three years since inception, Capital Float's remarkable growth isn't stemming from fortune; the co-founders hand-picked the core team, building a unit of impactful individuals who believed in the vision of the company. The hard work put in by a select few during the outset has consequently led to Capital Float being perceived as one of the best start-ups to work for in the country.

An Insight
Sashank Rishyasringa and Gaurav Hinduja introduced Capital Float to the Indian financial landscape in 2013. Entrepreneurs in India consistently struggle to raise timely credit from banks. The need to pledge collateral or provide a guarantor cripples entrepreneurial ambition. Furthermore, restrictive lending policies and slow disbursement times by formal financial institutions frequently push SMEs towards informal financiers, but while these lenders are quick to offer funds, debilitating interest rates tie down the borrower to a chronic cycle of debt. To rescue people from these hassles, Capital Float designed innovative, highly customized financial products for SMEs in India with a disbursal times unmatched by others in the industry.

Standing on the Employee Side

"Our company has a very flat organizational structure, with the entire top management believing in an open door policy. We strongly believe that good and great ideas can come from anywhere. All ideas are discussed and debated at length," said Sashank Rishyasringa, Co-Founder & MD, Capital Float. This strong employee-oriented culture and the opportunity to disrupt the status quo helps attract talented freshers and experienced professionals across different verticals.

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