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The Work Culture & Recruitment Policies in Start-Ups

Rohit Gadia (Founder & CEO, CapitalVia Global Research)
Friday, June 3, 2016
Rohit Gadia (Founder & CEO, CapitalVia Global Research)
Headquartered in Indore, the 2008-born CapitalVia is a financial market research and consulting company, which provides live trading recommendations in Equities, Commodities & Forex-based on technical research

Culture is an attribute of any organization where each team member is the owner of the environment and process related. Often, startups find it difficult when creating talent pool for the first time. It becomes like a big challenge always to judge the right talent who possess right skills for the required role. Initially it is budget, which is prime concern where startups end up finding people having lesser skill set than it actually requires.

Culture emerges from few factors usually -Brand values which define business style, personality founder members exhibit, example they demonstrate of being engaged with their goals and work, individuals being recruited by the company. The same is to be practiced by every individual and take it as a belief. It will help growing environment healthier and stronger.

Startup founders must focus on their networks and personal reputation to attract top talent. Do a market skimming where talent is available and mark your presence there. One can get associated with professional associations, or have an active social media presence and a website that represents the values of the business. Attractive job postings using LinkedIn or other appropriate sites can help in finding both active and passive job seekers to your site.

Few pointers the startups must consider during infancy period to grow in the 21st century:

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