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The DOs & DON'Ts that Every Startup Work Culture Must Include

Vikrant Khorana, Chief Business Officer, JunoTele
Friday, June 3, 2016
Vikrant Khorana, Chief Business Officer, JunoTele
Headquartered in Singapore, JunoTele is a mobile payments platform that specializes in monetizing links through Mobile Browsers or Apps, Billing over WiFi, Standard carrier billing over data and many other payment related services

The distinguishing factor between one of the best startups as against another, is the working culture. Culture put down in the simplest of words is the feeling, the vibe, or the confidence that one experiences as he/she walks into the organization. How much your employees are cared for? How happy they are at work? Do they take pride in inviting a new person to their workplace? These simple questions help us understand whether our team is smiling to be at work and satisfied with what they deliver.

During my Wipro days, Mr. Azim Premji always use to say that a company's real assets are its employees. And I haven't forgotten that. I try to implement the same feeling in all my teams. I often try to practice 5 Point strategy - CCARV in an organization. Let me elaborate;

Comfort : Make your team comfortable; they should love coming to office. Let them design their work place, they should take ownership for it. Encourage them to put their family pictures, famous sayings, getting their own cushions for chairs or anything similar. Try and eliminate the cabin culture, there shouldn't be any differentiation basis on ranks. You can have conference rooms which can be used by anyone in case they want to talk or do some confidential work.

Concern : Show them genuine concern. Small things make a difference; like provide cab facilities for employees going post 8:00 PM. Ensure they receive a call from office once they have reached home. Ensure team managers drink one cup of coffee with every team member individually at least once a month. With little things like options for food and beverages at work, gaming or recreational room with simple board games like Caram board, Chess, or Monoply, I personally used to play chess with my team members whenever possible. Encourage them to build an Office Employee library where any employee can bring any book (Tech, Management, General or anything else).

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