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Setup I.T.: Arms you with a promising & Well-Guarded I.T. Infrastructure company in designing Datacenter

Sujith Vasudevan
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Sujith Vasudevan
Before you jump into the tedious task to design your own data center, analyze if you have the following expertise - site selection, facility design, I.T. hardware, cooling, network, I.T. Infrastructure Management and others. And if you have them all, are you willing to divert your attention from your core business to construct a data center that can be well designed by an expert without any hassle? However, when you delegate your datacenter duties to another firm, it becomes imperative for you to ascertain that all your critical data and documentation are in safe hands and subjected in the right manner.

This is where Setup I.T., an I.T. infrastructure management company based out of Delhi, becomes a boon to both new and existing sites by offering different kinds of data center designing services which are tailor-made for each client. Starting from scoping the requirements and design planning process, the company caters to the comprehensive needs while ensuring utmost safety and manageability. Hence you can leave all your physical requirements to Setup I.T., ranging from Raised Access Floors and Cabinets, to Power & Cooling, Earthing and Bonding, Cable Containment, Management & Protection, and Copper & Optical Fiber Cabling, Rack Management. Additionally it also helps with your I.T. strategy and Infrastructure.

"We design your overall security as our top precedence and ensure that your server is protected by locked cages," proclaims Jitesh Dasoar, Founder, Setup I.T. To tighten the security further, in addition to taking reliability and assurance into consideration, the company provides a service level agreement that binds the company with customer's projects. This service legal document depicts Setup I.T.'s working hours, downtime, response time to appeal for modification in service and service provision time. There are many more clauses too for ease of functionality. Moreover, the company is well-known in the industry for its cost-effective datacenter services and I.T. solutions. Setup I.T. also provides a resident engineer to facilitate I.T. facility management services which has been a mark of professionalism with its executives being available to resolve queries of all nature at any hour for 365 days.

In the swarm of innumerable I.T.infrastructure management companies, each promising the best of industry, Setup I.T. stands out for its progressive vision, high-end services and widespread global presence. However, the company also wraps up the comprehensive I.T. service needs by providing end-to-end infrastructure & facility management solutions apart from datacenter management.

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