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6Simplex: Providing GIS based Data Management & Integration Solutions

Sai Digbijay Patnaik
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Sai Digbijay Patnaik
With the present Indian government actively supporting the digitization drive via Digital India initiative, e-Governance and smart cities have emerged as focus areas for the Government as well as for citizens. Any digital initiative can only be sustained in the long run when its services that serve the data intensive applications citizens demand, are backed by localized and well thought out data management, integration, protection and sharing frameworks.

Information, the soul of any digital initiative worth its bytes, is just data, but processed and seen in the right context. Not only is it important to ensure protection and cleanliness of data, it is also important to keep them updated, relevant and worthy of sharing with others. Given the easier access to spatial technology today through Geographical Information Systems (GIS), data no longer remain just raw facts. They are now raw facts with location. The various organizations (Government, Private, NGOs) that implement these digital initiatives and use data on a large scale, now understand and appreciate the importance of data with location. Many have acquired GIS technology and initiated programs to maintain their spatial and non-spatial data by collecting and recollecting data at regular intervals. However, from the standpoint of extracting ROI from that data, they still have a long way to go. Several challenges remain unmet. Collecting data based on the organization's domain of work Vs collecting everything, integrating new data with old Vs. keeping both separate and unrelated, visualizing data and making timely decisions Vs. merely spitting out figures in reports, are just a few of them.

This is where a Nagpur based company called 6Simplex comes into the picture with its effective GIS based Data Collection, Management, Integration and Analysis solutions. The goal of 6Simplex is to help organizations manage their spatial and non-spatial data better and effectively use it for making decisions. Incorporated in 2013, 6Simplex was founded by Ajit Dharmik, an Esri alumnus. Advising the likes of Maharashtra Remote Sensing and Applications Center (MRSAC, an affiliate of ISRO), providing GIS services to Mumbai's MCGM and Chhattisgarh's CHiPS, and being a business partner to Esri, this company has forayed deep into the Indian GIS sector and is now well known for its user friendly and well-designed GIS services across the country.

GIS based Solutions

Being a GIS Cloud Services & Applications Company, 6Simplex provides user friendly GIS Cloud,
Web and Mobile applications for Data Integration, Management and Collection, Spatial Analysis & Visualization, and Map Building purposes. They also provide basic GIS services such as Geo-database Design/Implementation and GIS Cloud based SOA Design/Implementation. The company aims to help users, big and small, define their business domain, and view data from the domain's perspective, see what is missing, acquire/collect the missing data through field surveys and integrate their data with other data supplied by third parties, and then visualize and analyze the continuously improving spatial and non-spatial data to drive efficient and timely decision making, thereby extracting maximum ROI from all their data management and collection efforts.

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