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Formula of a Successful Brand

Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO, Digital Agents
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO, Digital Agents
Headquartered in New Delhi, Digital Agents is the leading provider of Virtual Reality. By creating sophisticated products, the entity offers the most technologically advanced interactive solutions that completely changes the way companies market, sell, learn, and play.

A brand is a company that is able to solve specific user problems with utmost sincerity and honesty. It is something that people having specific problem are looking for and what they would recommend to others facing the same problems. It's easy to start a company but to create a successful brand requires a number of ingredients. Here's my formula of creating a successful brand:

The Formula:

Successful Brand = (Y � Founder + Z � Mentors + U � Team + V � Product + W � Customers + M � Investors)
Where Y, Z, U, V, W & M are all variables that needs to be determined through a company�s journey.

Value of a Brand ? M � T

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