UST Global: Emerging Kingpin of Semiconductor Services & Digital Transformation Domains

Anamika Sahu
Friday, January 13, 2017
Anamika Sahu
Silicon touches every aspect of our life. As a result, humanity has embraced technology to evolve in multiple industries from communication and transportation, to healthcare, banking, and aerospace. The latest entrant to be digitally transformed is agriculture. Through the adoption and use of technological innovation such as IoT, accessible weather reports, and the application of cognitive capabilities, today's agricultural sector is growing to another level. The real time visibility into soil conditions, crop health, and weather has already improved predictability of yields. And as new applications are created, the need for affordable enhanced sensor technology is on the rise. But in order to fuse precision with silicon, semiconductor companies need partners who can help them in pre- and post-silicon processes, starting with design, development, and bug detection to proven go-to-market strategies.

Driven by the need for socially-interconnected human-machine interactions, semiconductor companies now seek to solve new problems with solutions that evoke sensations of happiness and delight. By recognizing such trends in digital transformation, IoT, social, mobile, and other disruptive technologies, UST Global is helping semiconductor companies develop new products, and generate new revenue streams while driving competitive advantage and customer loyalty. UST Global is providing end-to-end engineering and technology services that support the entire silicon lifecycle for original device manufacturer (ODM), original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and integrated hardware vendor (IHV) organizations.

Every service offered by UST Global in this space is defined by an integrated and innovative process with strong domain expertize. The company engages at all levels of the product life cycle to ensure successful enterprise-class digital transformation for the clients and end consumers. According to Gilroy Mathew, Global Head of semiconductor vertical, "We don't look at the services as a single unit; instead we go for the 360 degree approach to each of our offerings. We want to be an end-to-end shop for any service that our customers ask for".

With such diverse offerings and expertise, UST Global’s semiconductor group has emerged as the third largest semiconductor service company serving customers across 15 countries and over 3000 dedicated employees working specifically in this domain. Today, UST Global serves eight of the top 20 Fortune 500 / Global 1000 semiconductor companies. This has been achieved by referrals and word of mouth augmented with their excellent domain and innovative delivery models. "With each customer's growth, we grow along with them in multiple geographies," explains Mathew.

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