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Analytics and CX - Market Trends 2017

Anil Chawla, MD-Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint Systems
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Anil Chawla, MD-Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint Systems
Headquartered in the U.S., Verint the the leading provider of actionable intelligence solutions. The entity enable customers to capture large amounts of information from numerous data types & sources, use analytics to glean insights from the information, and leverage the resulting intelligence to help optimize customer engagement, enhance security, & mitigate risk.

Customer Experience (CX) is being placed at the forefront of many organisations strategic initiatives. It is well known that greater customer satisfaction leads to less customer churn and greater profitability; data analytics is increasingly being used to provide greater insight into customer behaviour and highlight areas of opportunity where process improvements can be made.

Progressive organisations are thirsty for predictive, real-time analytics applications that can make a real difference to their Customer Experience programs and go beyond the standard Big Data offerings aimed at the wider Enterprise. These are my five key Analytics trends that I believe are set to make a big impact on the CX market in 2017

Speech Analytics

Whilst there is a desire for many organisations to move a number of customer support operations to digital channels, consumers still prefer to engage via traditional face-to-face or telephony channels. A recent Verint study of Indian consumers -The Digital Tipping Point', Verint/Opinium highlighted that even for moderately complex queries, 42 percent of respondents prefer to use these traditional channels whereas only 12 percent selected email and 7 percent web self-service.

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