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Intech Online: Providing 100 Percent DDOS Protected Data Center Services

si Team
Sunday, January 15, 2017
si Team
India is set to achieve a two-fold rise in the number of internet users and is expected to exceed 700 million users by the end of 2020. This growth has led businesses to seek a more robust environment for their technological needs rather than depending on legacy network solutions and paying for the upgrades. With the growth in cloud environment in the country and government initiatives like Digital India driving more users towards leveraging the internet, the country is in need of data centers, skilled data center manpower and security solutions to store and organize the huge amount of data produced by the users and businesses. Intech Online is loaded with such capabilities to address this growing need of data centre (through its robust data centre solutions) for mostly small and medium sized companies within the country.

Complete Data Center Solutions

Incepted in 2000 as a home internet services provider, Intech has now grown into an official ISP & IP1 licensed by the Department of Telecom, India. The company now provides a huge plethora of services including corporate bandwidth, hosting, IT system integration, data centre services, DDOS Protection, network services and IT solutions. Being among few ISPs with data center capabilities, Intech provides dedicated servers, virtual private servers and collocation services. The clients have the option for leasing managed dedicated servers where the tasks are monitored by Intech or can also choose unmanaged dedicated servers where the entire operations are handled by the clients themselves.

Intech's virtual private server allows multiple owners to have their own separate and secure servers which they can administer, therefore allowing virtual servers to consolidate multiple physical machines to a single physical machine running virtual machines. Intech's collocation server, an interactive data centre service, offers hosting options to small businesses, therefore bringing them at par with large IT companies. Its clients can also lease server cabinets and cages which are connected to ISP's network and physical infrastructure with monitoring sever status.

Focus On Security

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