Micro Data Centres are the Future of Storage Kingdom

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Anamika Sahu
Technology has become more accessible, even in the remotest of the areas. IoT will further push this deep into the root of civilization. This trend has given rise to an immediate necessity to have micro data centres in these remote areas. Compared to traditional container-based data centre that hosts dozens of servers and thousands of virtual machines within a 40 ft. shipping container, a micro data centre includes fewer than 10 servers and less than 100 virtual machines in a single 19 inch box and comes with in-built security systems, cooling systems and flood and fire protection.

A recent report by MarketsandMarkets states that the growth in edge of the network, driven by the arrival of IoT will cause a proliferation of micro data centres, building the sector a $6.3 billion by 2020. Thanks to its versatility and the plug-and-play feature, we will soon be seeing micro data centres being setup in remote locations, for temporary deployments and even for use by businesses in high-risk zones for floods and earthquakes.

But this increasing demand and simultaneously increasing chances of hacking or breaking into the data centre needs companies to focus more on designing a secured data centre that has no cracks to vent from into the data centre and steal your valuable information stored there. Hence designing data centre will become a more critical job compared to today that will need improvement everyday but with even more air-tight solutions. Understanding this, we at siliconindia in our current edition have featured ‘20 Most Promising Data Centre Solution Providers’ where we have profiled the story of few of them who provide exceptional solutions to their clients. Hope the list fulfils its purpose.

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