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Cloud & DevOps: An Evolving Relationship for a Better Future

Kalyan Kumar, Executive VP & CTO-IT Services, HCL Technologies
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Kalyan Kumar, Executive VP & CTO-IT Services, HCL Technologies
Headquartered in Noida, HCL is one of the fastest growing technology companies built on strong domain expertise. The entity is a combination of unparalleled technical expertise & unique management philosophy.

The relationship between Cloud and DevOps has been evolving in response to the drastic societal transformations. Users are primarily giving importance to the overall experience rather than the product itself. Enterprises are, therefore, focusing on the packaging of products with services. Such transformations are strengthening the relationship between Cloud and DevOps. IT is leveraging the advantages of cloud to achieve the DevOps needs. This bonding is getting popular.

The 21st Century Enterprise is all about creating a long-lasting user experience. Focusing on a user experience is not an over-night decision of C-suits; it's based on the gradual societal transformations and the fast changing user demands. Look at your iPhone,it comes with iCloud and iTunes. Essentially, Apple is not selling standalone products; it's selling an overall experience to its users. It makes iCloud available to its users and manages the usage fluctuation. Apple makes the newly released music available to users in real time. It is no rocket science to know that Apple manages the development, release and operations of its software fast enough to deliver a user-centric experience that you enjoy. It definitely contributes to Apple's go-to-market strategy. The change from a product-centric society to a service-centric world is affecting the service delivery.

Today, software development companies manage both development as well as operations on the customer's behalf. This all has become possible due to DevOps. This is essential because DevOps is not only a productive way of developing software, but also its outcome provides organizations with agility, affordability, and quality. However, the success of DevOps can be multifold in the presence of cloud. On one hand, DevOps within the cloud delivers transparent and standardized access to resources with application programming interfaces that allow essential communication between applications and back-end services. On the other hand, cloud gives more power to the development and the operations teams by enabling automation features. Cloud and DevOps, thus, are the better halves of each other and add value to each other's life.

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