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NIKSUN: The Global Network Data Proliferation Vigilante

Vignesh Anantharaj
Monday, April 1, 2013
Vignesh Anantharaj
Acme Bank, a large global financial institution, noticed that their online customer portals were suddenly traversing at a lumbering pace whilst customer complaints were hitting the roof. The IT development and security teams' deployed flow, IDS and perimeter tools only resulted in confusion and precious time lost. When the company distress signaled NIKSUN, the world leader in developing and deploying network security solutions, the obstacles were identified and remediated in less than an hour. By deploying a competent, application reconstruction and feature set, Acme was led straight to the core of the security issue and to the culprits. The bank's IPS, IDS and firewall were all reprogrammed based on NIKSUN's metadata to strengthen initial detection and mitigation capabilities.

This is how the "father of packet capture," Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder & CEO of NIKSUN, has been creating security network solutions by pioneering network monitoring and security since 1997. With more than 1,000 enterprise customers in over 30 geographical locations today, NIKSUN is the only network-wide monitoring company that provides organizations with the power to instantly know the unknown.

Increasing network complexities are bringing a host of next-generation problems from advanced persistent threats (APT), to service level disruptions and payment card industry (PCI) compliance issues, and the attackers are getting ever smarter. Hackers do not engage in previously used methodologies and are inventing new ways of circumventing secure systems.

WikiLeaks, Operation Aurora (Google), Night Dragon, and other high profile attacks are on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication.

Fighting Threats of Growing Data

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