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The Thought Leader in Wireless Mobile Domain

Rachita Sharma
Monday, April 1, 2013
Rachita Sharma
For a great software engineer, computer science only pertains to a computer. But then not every good software engineer is capable in building a successful company to compete headon with giants as big as Nokia and Huawei. Mohan Kumar Sundaram, Founder & CEO, Plintron is one such smart techie who understood that it is important to focus on the benefit that an industry that can derive from technology. With an indepth understanding of the nerves of the industry he built Plintron, the world's largest multi-country cloud-based telecom infrastructure for MNO, MVNO & Enterprises. Started in 2008, – Mohan has aided the company in spreading its expanse to almost 17 nations in a very short span of time.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Born and brought up in Chennai, Mohan took his time to take the plunge into the enterprise mobile convergence space. He worked hard to imbibe in him the requisites of a chiseled entrepreneur. Working in different settings and across industry verticals taught him valuable lessons which he could later implement while scripting Plintron. Mohan’s international business exposure while developing business for HCL in France gave him the insight to build a niche player in the segment of enterprise mobile convergence.

Apart from the technological and industry insight he also imbibed the required management skills from the various experiences. One among them was his experience with Ashok Leyland Finance when it was at a startup point. The eight years spent as the IT Head expected him to run nationwide business operations aided with technology. This experience taught this astute entrepreneur the fundamentals of corporate governance and the basics of running massive distributor business operations. Building a large corporate from the ground up honed Mohan's managerial and leadership qualities, which are an integral requisite for a successful entrepreneur.

Working for different companies gave him the understanding of financial, supply chain and human management. He gave importance to making fresh start towards excellence. This attitude brought him to the world of IT services. He joined another enterprise while it was being formulated and was part of the initial team. “I wanted to move from an enterprise with a corporate culture to a startup where things are not defined and uncertain. It is a high risk situation but it also yields higher rewards,” explains Mohan.

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Reader's comments(2)
1:Congratulation Mohan, way to go. Will meet soon
Posted by: sivanraj chelladhurai - 11th Oct 2013
2:good!! but wat s d BLISS rating of the company?? & wen wil it top dat list?? & wt abt the employee\'s contribution(bcoz it\'s all mentioned abt. u!)?? do u trust them or consider dem as workers alone??
Posted by: RAO KRIS KRIS - 10th Apr 2013
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