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Think Differently to Support new Capabilities in a Business Environment

Stuart Kippelman
VP & CIO-Covanta Energy Corporation
Monday, April 1, 2013
Stuart Kippelman
Covanta Energy (NYSE: CVA) owns and operates worldwide over 40new generation waste combustion facilities with added benefit of energy recovery, also known as waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste power generation plants. Headquartered in Morristown, the company has a market share of $2.6 billion.

New Technology trends shaping the Industry

There are three current technology factors which are changing the way companies operate and conduct business. They are the consumerization of technology, cloud computing, and social networking. These factors are not necessarily new technology, but they converge more and more to create a significant business disruption. Consumer based technology is changing rapidly, and often applications are designed to only work on mobile devices, with cloud based data, and include a social component. We all must think differently to support these new capabilities in a business environment.

Cost Effective way of utilizing Data is a Must

Almost everything we do in IT is about getting access to valuable information contained in the data we collect. Improving how we collect, manage and analyze this data will provide much better intelligence about our company, translating into a growth enabler. There are many tools that promise success in providing data intelligence, but there is still no cost effective and simple way to do it. The new terminology for this issue is called Big Data, but it goes beyond that. The average company is only analyzing a fraction of the data they have, and most likely not collecting all the data they should be. Solving this problem would enable companies to be more productive, more responsive to customer needs, and better positioned for growth.

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