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Compassites: Reverberating Tech needs with a 'WOW' Experience

Vignesh Anantharaj
Monday, April 1, 2013
Vignesh Anantharaj
With the acceleration of changes in business methodologies, many organizations are struggling to implement technology solutions that reverberate anticipated needs owing to usage of proprietary technologies and the vendors’ development roadmap being out of sync with business requirements. Concurrently, many software projects are stupefied owing to excessive analysis and documentation of needs and options or an extravagant policy towards perfection.

Mahesh Baxi, the CEO of Compassites software realized a dire need for pure domain agnostic players with out of the box, yet simplistic thinking capabilities as opposed to traditional and orthodox business methodologies.

Compassites, headquartered in Bangalore, with delivery centers in the U.S, Australia, Bangalore and Pune is the latest company with avant-garde solutions and services in Cloud, Big Data Analytics and IT consumerization. Since laying its foundation in 2005, the company has been providing unique preferences to work with open source and open standard technologies, owing to amenability to being configured to specific needs, as well as unmatched skill sets to absorb new elements and create additional capabilities.

Co-founded by Naveen Lakkur, Director and V V Ranganathan, Chairman, the company wholly adherers to Voltaire’s, a French historian and philosopher’s aphorism "perfect is the enemy of good". All throughout its existence, Compassites has had a very pragmatic approach to running projects. Throughout its sound research capabilities and timely deliverables, how does the company stand out from its competitors? The secret lies with its unique time to market strategy and a strong bias for action owing to its software developers' agile pedigree.

Under its CEO, Mahesh Baxi, the company has worked with several customers around the globe to help build custom software solutions. The success can be attributed to non-alignment to certain verticals. i.e. by being truly a business domain agnostic, highly specialized technology company. The agnostic view can be explained in the way the company views big analytics. While the normal IT service provider views big analytics as a serious and impending threat, Baxi views the situation as a challenge presenting unprecedented opportunities. The employees of the firm strongly believe that the data generated by complex systems possesses tons of knowledge, and can be leveraged correctly, eventually leading to business opportunities, reduction in costs and higher positive impact for organizations. This has been the cogitative approach that has led to the company producing more than 24 products and delivering successfully to clients in Australia, US, Middle-East, South America, India and Singapore to name a few.

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