NIKSUN: The Global Network Data Proliferation Vigilante

Date:   Monday , April 01, 2013

Acme Bank, a large global financial institution, noticed that their online customer portals were suddenly traversing at a lumbering pace whilst customer complaints were hitting the roof. The IT development and security teams' deployed flow, IDS and perimeter tools only resulted in confusion and precious time lost. When the company distress signaled NIKSUN, the world leader in developing and deploying network security solutions, the obstacles were identified and remediated in less than an hour. By deploying a competent, application reconstruction and feature set, Acme was led straight to the core of the security issue and to the culprits. The bank's IPS, IDS and firewall were all reprogrammed based on NIKSUN's metadata to strengthen initial detection and mitigation capabilities.

This is how the "father of packet capture," Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder & CEO of NIKSUN, has been creating security network solutions by pioneering network monitoring and security since 1997. With more than 1,000 enterprise customers in over 30 geographical locations today, NIKSUN is the only network-wide monitoring company that provides organizations with the power to instantly know the unknown.

Increasing network complexities are bringing a host of next-generation problems from advanced persistent threats (APT), to service level disruptions and payment card industry (PCI) compliance issues, and the attackers are getting ever smarter. Hackers do not engage in previously used methodologies and are inventing new ways of circumventing secure systems.

WikiLeaks, Operation Aurora (Google), Night Dragon, and other high profile attacks are on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication.

Fighting Threats of Growing Data

To fight such attacks, policies, personnel, and products must be impeccably positioned next to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS's) to manage perilous incidents beyond the detection phase. To provide this, NIKSUN's performance monitoring solution records every nook and corner of a network's traffic. The company has enough firepower to simultaneously store and capture network traffic in real-time with speeds exceeding 20 Gbps. NIKSUN, under Dr.Pruthi's expertise, has been mining, inspecting and indexing data traversing the network at multi-gigabit rates for the better part of its sixteen years in existence. All while gaining the deepest insight on security threats, performance issues, and compliance risks. A client is given the power for 100 percent search, analysis, and eagle eye visibility across networks, and with total real-time contextual perceptibility. The single console platform of the product is akin to the experience of searching on Google. With its avant-garde solutions, NIKSUN is turning a whole new chapter in the industry's approach towards network security with its forensic intuitive techniques.For law enforcement agencies, its next generation of security software not only allows attacks to be mitigated but also be documented and made available for government investigation.
With data proliferation, global mobile data traffic grew 70 percent in 2012. Total global mobile datatraffic reached 885 petabytes per month, up from 520 in 2011(According to Cisco). "First the data was in gigabytes, and then moved onto terabytes and now we are dealing with petabytes of data. Mining and monitoring the flow of this data is tough. We create technology that indexes data and allows users to search all of these new patterns of attack originating from foreign sources very quickly," says Dr. Pruthi. With its robust security solutions, spearheaded by the flagship NetDetector suite, NIKSUN provides the much required additional depth to fill into these security loopholes. So whether an attack is an external break-in, an internal theft and disclosure of sensitive data, or the latest worm, the continuous surveillance and powerful analysis of NIKSUN's solutions ensure that the incident can be captured, traced, and remediated.

Combating Intrusions Head on
Bank of America was recently attacked by a hacking collective known as Par:AnoIA (aka Anonymous Intelligence Agency) and released close to 16 Gb of sensitive confidential data. The group targeted data stored on a misconfigured server in Israel. Such incidents have become a common scenario in the past couple of years.To specifically combat such intrusions head on, NIKSUN's cyber security solution, the NetDetector Family, has efficiently been creating rich meta-data from full packet captures of all network traffic at line rates. The integrated network behavior based alarms are added to signature based alarms for fast and accurate detection of penetrations and zero day attacks.

With current processing speeds for network packet capture, deep packet inspection and analysis for full networkrudimentary, the NIKSUN network performance solution in the form of the NetVCR family seamlessly integrates functioning of network packet capture, deep packet inspection, and analysis for real-time, network, service and application performance monitoring. The 1000+ clientele swear by the firm's service deliveries and amazing user experiences. The success of the products of NIKSUN is reflected in the security giant being forced to double the sales team by the next six months and automating systems worldwide.

Moving from Strength to Strength
Noticing the accelerated growth of NIKSUN, the industry acknowledged Dr.Pruthi's contributions in the field by inviting him to be the General Co-Chair for the Global Wireless summit. In the event,NIKSUN's trademark, World Wide Security & Mobility conference (WWSMC) will amalgamate with the Wireless Vitae (European), the Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symposium (Asian) & PRISMS (the successor of MobiSec International Conference on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems) (European). The conference promises to be a head turner for all things networking and security. NIKSUN has made winning awards a habit with its recent Network Products Guide North American Product Differentiation of the Year award for 2012 and Excellence in Best Practices award from Frost and Sullivan for 2012, to name just a few.
Hence moving forward, the company continues to flawlessly define the benchmark for all things security. With a new line of products just around the corner NIKSUN is poised to annihilate all things unknown amongst the teradata streams and continue to be the world leader in network security solutions.