Managing Security Threats In An Organization

Dinesh Pillai, CEO, Mahindra Special Services Group
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Dinesh Pillai, CEO, Mahindra Special Services Group
Mumbai based Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG), a strategic business unit under Mahindra group, is a leading Corporate Security Risk Consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage.

The ubiquitous spread of digital devices in the networked age has radically transformed the business and marketing landscape. The confluence of new age technologies such as mobile, social media, analytics and cloud computing are coming together to change the way in which companies connect and communicate with their stakeholders - be it employers, customers, business partners. But this paradigm shift is forcing decision makers to reevaluate the IT risk domain. While this domain is dynamic, various complexities associated with technology and low awareness of people have increased the security threats over the past few years.

Evolving business models due to rapid shift in technologies, business and IT outsourcing, online commerce and cloud computing have increased a company's exposure to risk and cyber crimes such as data leakage, data theft, phishing and online fraud.

Sensitive or proprietary corporate data stored on a cloud or hardware can be instantly disseminated over the internet, shared on social media, captured on personal smart devices. In short - with an emerging number of channels and platforms, classified corporate information can easily travel around the world with the simple click of the button. Hence, it is essential for the CIO to be aware of the rapidly evolving breadth and depth of risk, and the immediate need for counter effective measures.

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