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QASymphony: Facilitating Agile Software Development

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Software cannot be developed like an automobile on an assembly line where each part is assembled in sequential phases. Traditional phase based approach is characterized with lack of integration between specialized groups that perform each phase of work. As a result, when the product is ready to go to market, entrepreneurs realize that business realities have changed and the product no longer meets the needs of the changing market. Agile approach on the other hand is iterative, incremental and saves the team from 'analysis paralysis'. Emergence of cloud computing also complements rapid development of agile methodology.While the progression is promising, most of the testing solutions available in the market do not work in unison with businesses operating in the cloud-based agile environments. Sensing the pulse of the market, the Atlanta based QASymphony provides testing solutions that ensure productivity gains from agile development are matched with the oversight, visibility and control required in building quality software.

Founded in 2011, the young company was sown by Vu Lam and Josh Lieberman who posses depth of experience in the global software industry and technology consulting. The two IT veterans also run KMS Technology that employs over 500 tech wizards in the U.S. and Vietnam offering diverse services across the software development lifecycle. Backed by KMS, QASymphony is a team of software developers, designers, testers, IT professionals who are persistently working towards creating simple, yet innovative products that can make testing, tracking and replication of bugs in the software development process really facile.

The qTest platform offered by QASymphony provides tools such as qTest Test Management that includes planning, evaluating requirements, design, test execution and eventually capturing the defects. qTest uses best practices and various reporting tools to complement these five distinct areas. QASymphony also boasts of its exploratory testing capabilities that allow users to view the results and visualize automated exploratory and manual testing from a single location. It allows for exploratory testing on mobile devices and simplifies documentation and management of unscripted and exploratory testing so that users can have the real time insights of the exploratory testing. Its qMap tool aids in virtualization in a unique way by picking data from the data warehouse and providing digital analytics mapping across all testing methods in a simple way.

Ensuring quality of softwares at organizations like Silverpop, BetterCloud, and Zappos, QASymphony enables teams to communicate and collaborate faster, bringing visibility and control back to the development and testing lifecycle. Company's integration with JIRA for requirements and defects creating a complete ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutionis highly appreciated by the customers and the company has close to 75 licenses and growing.

In times ahead, QASymphony plans to come up with analysis capabilities by building a very robust data warehouse and adding relatable test boards and analytics to the same. "We believe that the data we capture using our testing and exploratory capabilities combined with data warehouse positions us to provide the users invaluable insights about their business and about their testing that they never had before," says David Keil, CEO, QASymphony.

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