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PASS Technologies: Redefining Managed Crowdsource Testing Services with Sheer Professionalism

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Organizations are now waking up from the high-maintenance automation craze and counting on cloud to provide alternative lucrative solutions that are effective enough to solve all their problems. Though crowdsource testing answers all their prayers, it hasn't reached possible utilization yet since the organizations are unable to attain its utmost value due to the lack of professionally managed project attention. Delivering extraordinary end-to-end crowdsource testing services with sheer professionalism that was gained over quarter century of experience is PASS Technologies, a leading on-demand QA testing services company. The Switzerland headquartered company founded in 1989 changed its strategy from being a boutique service provider to global player with extended portfolio including crowdsource testing.

In a short span of three years, PASS has evolved as a leading crowdsourced testing services provider with a community of over 5000 professional software testers and more than 25000 user testers in more than 100 countries including Europe, U.S. and Asia. Having formed subsidiaries in Bangalore and Mumbai in 2013, PASS offers a wide range of services wrapped in a rare blend of onsite, offshore and crowdsourced delivery models including QA testing & consulting, verification & validation and recruitment services among others. The company runs specialized CoEs for Healthcare & Life Sciences, Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Retail and Online Media. Their product Passbrains, a secure cloud-based integrated solution is globally eminent for testing mobile, web and desktop applications on real world conditions through crowdsourced testers. The platform can not only be utilized by PASS' project managers to conduct testing projects but can also be licensed and deployed in enterprises. These enterprises can engage both their internal and the Passbrains testing workforce and thereby leverage the benefits from crowdsourced real-world and BYOD-based testing which has proven to be a much more efficient solution than classic beta testing approaches.

"We enable global organizations to identify the right and currently available skills and capacities to be engaged in testing projects based on our advanced crowdsourcing principle," says Dieter Speidel, CEO of PASS Group. The company is successfully delivering their managed crowdtesting services and enterprise white label solutions across the globe, serving enterprises such as Mindtree, GENPACT, Swisscom, Liberty Global, Swiss Mobiliar, Telefónica among others.

Though crowdsourcing is nascent in India, globally there is a strong competition already. Offering professionally managed crowdsource testing services with service level based agreements; PASS clearly focuses on enterprise-grade service quality, top performance and high-value results rather than price. Seeing that many customers rather seek cost optimization than quality improvement, ever since the dawn of crowdtesting, PASS strongly invests in educating the market about the benefits of professionally managed crowdtesting services that help to save secondary costs such as with post-launch identification of major and critical issues or image loss due to design- and usability issues.

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