A Wonderful Time to be Entrepreneurs in India

Anupam Rastogi, Principal, Nokia Growth Partners
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Anupam Rastogi, Principal, Nokia Growth Partners
Founded in 2005 with offices in India, U.S., China and Europe, Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) has over $700 million under management and invests largely in mobility, communication and internet.

Areas of Focus & Emerging Technologies to Bet On

There is immense ongoing innovation surrounding the mobility space. NGP has always focused on mobility and within that space, we have outlined five key investment areas that we have focused on for a decade and built up strong thematic expertise in. In each of our areas, we see long term fundamental shifts and disruption which creates good investment opportunities. Those areas include:

Local Commerce driven by deeper digital intermediation of offline consumption, SMBs coming online and the rise of the sharing economy. Investment examples include India's Quikr and Ganji, Quikr's equivalent in China.

Connected Enterprise driven by the ongoing shift of enterprise software from premise-based monolithic systems to the "mobile+cloud" paradigm. Investments include NetMagic and Kaltura among others.

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