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Janya IT Technologies: A Specialist in Simplifying All Your Business Needs

Rashmisree Deb
Assitant Editor-siliconindia
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
A company that addresses challenges as masked opportunities with its innovative approach is a Hyderabad based global outsourced product Development Company called Janya IT Technologies. Under the esteemed leadership of Manohar Matta, CEO & Managing Director, the company which started in 2004 with just five people today has grown profoundly to 200 experts who successfully added around 30 new customers in 2014 alone.

Janya is keen on matching the best resources with clients' needs without compromising on quality and the best turnaround times. With an in-depth understanding of the business world, the company goes above and beyond customer's expectations to deliver high-quality & cost-effective services with, greater flexibility and faster time-to-market. With the expertise in providing unmatched and unparalleled services in IT consulting, HR management, mobile computing, Cloud engineering and ERP planning, the company has emerged as a niche partner within the outsourcing industry. In nutshell, Janya's forte lies in its ability to foray into the future and to help its clients stand a cut above the rest, in its every endeavor.

"We are instrumental in engineering complex solutions and providing best resources for all our clients across countries. We add more value to the clients' businesses by suggesting and providing customized solutions which bend according to their needs and requirements. Our core competency is our service and commitment to deliver not only what is asked, but also with value addition," affirms Manohar. Today, Janya IT Technologies has grown tremendously and made appearance as a global player in software and staffing services in India and U.S.
Recognized as a member of NASSCOM and STPI, Janya offers excellent outsourcing services to several industries including financial, manufacturing, infrastructure, service-based, product-based and pharma. Addressing challenges as masked opportunities, a unique approach to survive the cut-throat competition, helps Janya to stand out from the crowd. Best-of-the-breed products and top of the line services have unveiled many ways for the company to embrace Fortune 500 and ISO 9001 companies as its clients.

Housed with a talented pool of highly qualified people who bring in years of rich experience and expertise, the company is blessed with the affinity to manage different life cycle of its clients with ease. With helping 489 people to firmly root in India & U.S., Janya envisions to be a large scale performer who is endowed with wider customer associations and advanced technology capability by investing in new tools & platforms. The company is also looking forward to venture into non-IT business segments such as entertainment, infrastructure and pharma by moving beyond the perimeters of its current coverage. "Our goal remains to build technology that makes managing human capital more transparent, efficient and empowers professionals to do their jobs more effectively," he concludes.

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