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Cosmo Legal: Legalities Smoothened

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
The global LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) landscape post economic downturn has bounced back with the market witnessing an up-trend annual growth rate of 27 percent year-on-year since 2010. As per the forecasts, the LPO industry is expected to burgeon at 35 percent year-on-year by end of 2016 reaching $18 billion by end of 2020. Mirroring the growth of the LPO industry since 2010, Cosmo Legal Pvt. Ltd. started off on the right foot with a mission to serve the legal fraternity, especially boutique law firms and SMEs to sustain and compete better with the bigger players by keeping their overhead low. The accelerating demand for legal activities across several sectors and verticals has further opened doors for the company to take center stage by delivering better, easier and quicker legal support system in a highly cost-effective manner.

Born with an inbuilt passion to provide constant smoothening of legalities without compromising on its core competencies, Cosmo Legal offers a wide spectrum of services that includes document management services (DMS), IPR, contract management (CMS), para legal services and high end legal research for its domestic and global clients. Flexibility, maintaining high-quality standards, security, costing, turnaround times and capacity to scale-up at short notice has been the USP of the company since its inception. The company caters its services to domestic clients in diverse fields such as mining, manufacturing, animation & design, media industry and law firms. Themis Legal, Viacom18, Magic N Colors and Atlanta Turkey are few clients to name. "We always believed in conventional business methods and we have a work ethic which is perfectly suited for our line of work. Our organization has always been employee friendly and we have a single point of contact (SPOC) system which ensures a good turnaround time with high quality output," affirms Raj Kolkar, Director, Cosmo Legal. "SPOC allows the company for easier interaction with its clients giving it a better and more intimate understanding of their requirements, standards and practices. Accordingly, Cosmo Legal customizes its services and output to maximize client satisfaction and meet their specific needs and requirements.

Making success a habit, Cosmo Legal has grown organically over the last five years experiencing an annual growth rate of about 26 percent, with 20 percent revenue generated from domestic market and remaining 80 percent from international business. With a closely knit team, Cosmo Legal follows an open and flexible work culture within the organization. Centrally located office with easy accessibility gives an added advantage to their employees to transit comfortably between work and their home. Driving interesting work from the clients has also been a boost for the employees to stay motivated as they get to learn new and interesting things on a daily basis. The company encourages its employees by celebrating special days in a team members' life at office by taking them for recreational outings on a regular basis.

To ride with the tide, Cosmo Legal's research team is presently working on creating a tailor- made bundled service for MSMEs in India to meet their legal requirement by creating a virtual legal among other services. Looking to penetrate deeper into the LPO sector, the company is concentrating on Australian market and also planning to open offices at Melbourne and Perth by end of March. In the second half of the year, the company is looking forward to venture into American and European market as well.

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